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Sludge Tanker

Our range of tankers vary in size which enables us to deploy the most appropriate tanker on a job-by-job basis to remove sludge, liquid or domestic waste of any kind.

M.W.Waste tankers vary in size to ensure we can effectively manage everything from one-off specialist jobs to routine drain maintenance work. From 9000 litres to 30,000 litres, all tankers are equipped with a minimum of 55 meters worth of piping to remove any kind of liquid, sludge or waste water with maximum efficiency.

Our continued investment in tanker technology and commitment to improving service has seen our fleet grow year on year from one tanker in 1995 to the extensive fleet of vacuum tankers we possess today. All our vehicles are fully tracked and legally compliant, and our bespoke job operation software relays real-time information detailing progress reports and efficiency cost savings back to clients, as well as giving them full access to completed job histories.      

Our tankers are perfectly suited for:

  • Emptying cesspits & septic tanks
  • Transporting sludge
  • Providing emergency tankering at pump stations & treatment sites
  • Preventing flood & pollution
  • Removing & transporting liquid waste
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