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Blocked Drains

If faulty drains are left untreated, an unpleasant problem can turn into something quite catastrophic.

M.W.Waste help to identify and locate any blockages or other damage to provide a viable solution that prevents a minor problem evolving into something far greater. Remember, making us aware as soon as you have identified something faulty or out of the ordinary will make our job that bit easier.

Using our CCTV surveying kit, we can accurately and quickly identify issues in your system, which then enables us to decide on a cost-efficient and convenient course of action that can be achieved with minimal disruption. We offer a range of cost effective repair options that will get your drains back to working at full capacity again:

  • Drain rodding: eliminating blockages with steel rods.
  • High pressure water jetting: stripping deposits from pipe walls, flushing out waste and restoring full flow with powerful water jets.
  • Electro-mechanical cleaning: cutting through debris, hardened deposits, tree roots and similar objects with flexible steel cables fitted with blades and cutters.
  • Drain repairs: repairing and renovating drains at a cost-efficient price and with minimum disruption.
  • Tanker jetting: providing effective cleaning for larger sewers and culverts which have a substantial flow of water.
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